2019.12.21 The national symposium, "Frontiers in Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science-International Symposium between National Taiwan University and Kyushu University-" was held on Dec. 21st. The sponsor is Progress100 of Kyushu University, and the organaizer is Tomoko Imasaka.

2019.12. The Royal Society of Chemistry has published our "Analyst" article.
The first author is our doctrate student, Mr. S. L. Madunil! Analyst deceided to feature our work on the front cover for an upcoming issue of Analyst!!

2019.11.29 The national symposium, "Challenge in Chemistry-The State of the Art- International Symposium between National University of Singapore and Kyushu University" was held on Nov. 29th. The sponsor is Progress100 of Kyushu University, and the organaizer is Tomoko Imasaka.

2019.11 Prof. Hian Kee Lee from National Singapore Univeristy visited our laboratory by Progress 100 project.

2019.11 Prof. King-Chuen Lin from National Taiwan University visited our laboratory by Progress100 project.

2019.10.12 The students from the Science Club of Joto High School visited to us to take an advice for presentations, and to discuss their research.

2019. Our proposal to the Grant of Progress 100 project for Kyushu University, Invitation program for top global researchers, has been approved!

Reperesentative: Tomoko Imasaka
Project: International Academic and Educational Exchanges with TOP 4 Universities for Scientific Measurement Technology -National Taiwan University, National University of Singapore, Technische Universität München, ETH Zurich-
Grant amount: ca. $90,000 a year, two-years project

2019.9.5 Ms. Wen Lu passed the examination for Doctoral Course and she will come to our laboratory since October. Congratulation!!

2019. 7.4 The 16th Annual Conference of the Taiwan Society for Mass Spectrometry.
Tomoko Imasaka and Totaro Imasaka were invited to the conference.
・T. Imasaka, T. Imasaka, Laser Ionization Mass Spectrometry -Basic Principles and Applications-. (Plenary Lecture)
・T, Imasaka, M. L. Siddihalu, T. Imasaka, Spectroscopic Properties of “Novichok” Theoretically Calculated for Gas Chromatography/Femtosecond Ionization Mass Spectrometry. (Invited Lecture)

2019.5.28 The 2019 National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)-Kyushu Univeristy Joint Forum on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research and Education
・T. Imasaka, T. Imasaka, Femtosecond Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Application to Forensic Science. (Invited Talk)
・T. Imasaka, L. M. Siddihalu, T. Imasaka, Study on Photoionization Process in Mass Spectrometry Based on Quantum Chemical Calculation. (Iinvited Talk)

2019.5.19 The79th Analytical Chemistry Conferenceheld by Japan Society of Analytical Chemistry. Doctoral course student, Mr. Siddihalu Lakshitha Madunil made the oral presentation!
・M. L. Siddihalu, T. Imasaka, T. Imasaka, Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry of highly-toxic organochlorine pesticides using an ultraviolet femtosecond laser as an ionization source

2019.1.10 The 49th Winter Colloquium on the Physics of Quantum Electronics, Snowbird, U.S.
・T. P. Dinh, ・D. Vu, H. Nakamura, A. Li, T. Imasaka, T. Imasaka, Generation of a Vacuum-Ultraviolet Femtosecond Pulse via Four-Wave Raman Mixing and its Application to Mass Spectrometry.(Invited Speaker)
・T. Imasaka, T. Imasaka, How can we detect “Novichok”?
・M. L. Siddihalu, T. Imasaka, and T. Imasaka, An Ultrashort Ultraviolet Optical Pulse for Ionization of Pesticides in Multiphoton Ionization Mass Spectrometry

2018.10.22  An international symposium, “Kyushu University and National Taiwan Normal University for International Collaboration” Symposium: Symposium on Education and Research for International Collaboration between Kyushu University and National Taiwan Normal University (Inamori Hall, Kyushu University), which was presided by Tomoko Imasaka, and sponsered by Progress100, KyushuUniversity.

The participants from National Taiwan Normal University are 33 researchers including President Chen Chih Wu and Executive Vice President Ying, Dean Chen. And the participants from Kyushu University are 29 researchers including President Kubo,Vice President Watanabe, Dean Hisaeda. During the symposium, Signing Ceremony for the University-wide Agreement between Kyushu University and National Taiwan Normal University was also held.
At the international symposium, researchers from Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Education, Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Institute of Mathematics for Industry, Faculty of Design of Kyushu University attended and made the presentations concerning with various fields such as science, engineering,education and so on.
The Signing Ceremony for the University-wide Agreement between Kyushu University and National Taiwan Normal University is introduced in detail on the official website of Taiwan Normal University as well as Kyushu University